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  • Mug more weight the more insulation, is that true?(Hits:) 
    Origin Author Add Time2015-05-20
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    Insulation Cup has become a necessity of life, especially in the winter more favored by the people. In the purchase of mug, a lot of people
    That the cup heavier insulation effect is more obvious, but the fact really so?
    Reporters in Jinan, Shijiazhuang and other places visited found either supermarkets or small commodity wholesale market, mug style range, the material is different. There are ceramics, wooden fish stone, double vacuum glass, in which the majority of stainless steel vacuum flask, but its price is also vary widely, from twenty or thirty dollars to the hundred dollars, or even thousands of both.

    In Shijiazhuang South three international commodity market, reporters found that most people come to buy mug look at price, and then pick up the cup weigh weight.

    Guo people said he chose the criteria mug reasonable price can be. As for the effect mug, cup Guo believes more weight the more insulation.

    Reporters also interviewed a number of people, most of them choose mug similar standards and Guo. Mr. Zhang said he has bought several mug, but what kind of glass insulation, he did not know. "Mug heavy, indicating a more solid material, may be more heat, right?"

    Mug insulation effect is no uniform standard, if the bottom of the cup into the hot water is cold, the insulation effect is good, bad and vice versa.

    Sold in the market mug, cup both common, but also stainless steel vacuum cups, and some fashion, "the concept of the cup." Businesses have said they sell cups insulation effect, ordinary cup holding two or three hours 8-12 hours insulation stainless steel vacuum cup, but also recognize there is no uniform standard.

    Jinan Heng Small Commodity Wholesale City, a female stall holders told reporters, although mug category a lot, but most consumers would choose stainless steel cup, stainless steel cup fancy is strong, durable, easy to carry, the insulation effect Ye . "A penny stock, under normal circumstances is more expensive, the better, but some gifts Cup despite high prices, but not necessarily practical. You can buy a cup Dian Dian weight, heavier relative insulation effect will be better."

    The argument for a stall, another merchant does not agree: "Good insulation is not good, the key brands and some Dianzhuo heavy glass material, which may be tampered with when manufacturers, for example, in the bottom of the filling. sediment. So buy mug, do not just look at weight, more depends on the brand and workmanship. "

    Sealing mug is good for thermal insulation effect plays a very important role. Vacuum heat does not pass, the higher the degree of vacuum insulation Cup insulation the better.

    Anhui Light Industrial Co., Ltd. Fu relevant responsible person said, with a cup of good or bad judgment weigh components the user does exist, but this approach is not scientific. "Mug more use of stainless steel, the weight and thickness of the cup design and stainless steel have a certain relationship, but it does not mean that the heavier glass insulation the better."

    Quality and Technical Supervision, Hebei Province, relevant departments in charge, stainless steel mug production process in general, there are two, one is the whole cup is one, one is assembled. In the latter case, unscrupulous businesses may be between cup and liner add sand, cement blocks to make up the vacuum caused by the weight of the missing. These poor quality mug insulation effect can be imagined. Consumers must not only look to buy mug weight, "the heavier the better the insulation effect" is unfounded.

    Qin Yong teacher Shandong Polytechnic University, reminds consumers of the cup appearance, texture, performance is very important, when purchasing mug, it should liner structure from thermal insulation, glass sealing degree and other aspects into consideration.

    First, a good mug Usually gall bladder and the outer surface is smooth, no scratches and bump, the purchase should pay attention to see the cup mouth is not smooth, there are no welds. Secondly, the cup material is also very important, a good stainless steel insulation would be better. Finally, try to mug insulation properties and sealing.

    The simplest way is to inject hot water in the cup, tighten the lid and let stand a few minutes. Then, to feel the surface and the bottom of the cup, if significant fever, this cup is relatively poor insulation, good appearance is cool mug. Shaking the cup upside down to see if there is water spill, you can test the cup seal.